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A Scandinavian elegance laced with a theatrical undertone that elevates the act of movement when worn.

My graduate collection is inspired by the Danish shipping culture using the construction of ships and sails to instigate my pattern cutting and particularly the sleeve silhouette. Ranges of bold and dark blues regularly creep into my work, whilst water and natural forms are always constant elements that attract my artist eye. Through knits and intricate surface development this can be translated. Carefully working with contrasting elements, conflicting weights and thickness of yarns to create my own fabrics that give a sense of movement within itself like ripples of water on the surface. By hand stitching intricate yarns through the knit the surface is broken up to create a more fluid visual experience.

Specialising in Knitwear allows me to have complex conversations between fibers and form. I use knit as a medium to paint with yarns by responding and experimenting with colour and tones, extended from my background with mixed media semi-abstract painting. Through this whimsical approach to texture and layered knits I strive to elevate the power of touch and sense of luxury.

The desired mood and atmosphere tends to be my starting point when designing. I begin with an emotion or experience to inspire my initial steps of development. Combining clean lines and dramatic presence I tell the story of journeys and dreams. Shadows and mystery are elements that creep into my influence. Exploring the contemporary attitudes of today’s unsatisfiable generation, the idea of seeking and not finding fascinates me the most. This reflects through my themes and concepts that tend to orbit around the conflicting nature of freedom and control.

This playful exploration of texture fuels the way I would style garments together, pairing matte, glossed and soft facades, culminating to create an empowered woman both trapped and freed by what she wears, as she becomes a sculpture brought to life. 


Tamara Amalie Andersen

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Currently based in London


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